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The Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) compares the current NDVI to the range of values observed in the same period in previous years

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Does Google Earth Engine (GEE) compute Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) time series correctly?

The formula to compute VCI from long term dataset is VCI= (NDVI_current-NDVI_min)/(NDVI_max-NDVI_min) * 100, refer to Drought monitoring using the Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) Map.centerObject(...
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Using Vegetation Condition Index Function in Google Earth Engine JavaScript API

I created a code in Google Earth Engine to calculate monthly VCI. The official equation for VCI is the following: VCI = 100*(NDVI - NDVImin)/(NDVImax - NDVImin) My problem is that I don't know how to ...
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Does Modis offer MultiYear statistics?

I'm trying to calculate the VCI data for my entire State. I'm using MODIS's 16 day NDVI Average. From this post, I see that I would need to calculate the Min & Max NDVI values for each pixel ...
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Process large ROI in GEE

I am calculating the VCI for Europe, but the ROI is too large for a single run in GEE. How can I divide it and process it in chunks so that when downloaded they fit into a single image/composite? var ...
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