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Layout Legend changes when the created project in QGIS 3.16 opened in QGIS 3.22

I created a project in QGIS 3.16. This project has 10 layers with different symbology. In the layout I chose one of this layers symbology for Legend. Now I have upgradeed my QGIS to 3.22. When I want ...
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Two persons working on same layer in QGIS [closed]

We are two people who need to edit on the same layer in QGIS. For example one of us will edit locally, the other one via a server connection.
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Can mxd files be under version control?

Is it recommended to have Esri ArcMap MXD files under version control e.g. stored on SVN or TFS?
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Using GRASS 7 in QGIS 2.18 on MacOS

Does anybody found a way to use GRASS 7 in QGIS 2.18 under MacOS? QGIS 2.18.19-2 is the latest version packaged with GRASS 7. For many reasons, all the following versions been have packaged with ...
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DotSpatial Versions on GitHub

Trying to understand how version releases work on GitHub. In particular the DotSpatial library If I download the master branch and compile it, the results ...
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Reverting QGIS to version 2.2 from 2.4

I have QGIS 2.4 installed on a machine running Windows 7 64-bit "by accident". I was using 2.2 and when I added some package(s) it also installed the 2.4 version. Can anyone provide some advice with ...
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Implementing version control system for geospatial data? [closed]

Not that I am in any immediate need of a right answer here, but I've lately seen some efforts to introduce the concept of "(distributed) version control systems" for geographic data. Some examples (...
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Versioning an ArcMap Extension

When developing an ArcMap extension, is there an automatic way to handle versioning? In the snippet below, the Version tag can be updated manually, but is there a way to auto-increment it or let the ...
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Distributed versioning of geospatial data?

I'm getting started on the design of a new system that would reconcile, merge, and synchronize changes made across numerous geospatial databases of common ancestry, on an ongoing basis. These ...
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Keeping track of changes to MXD files using version control?

I am using ArcMap for the first time. My superior at the work place has asked me to do some research about the life cycle of an .mxd file. Is there anything called a life cycle of an mxd file, like ...
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