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Questions tagged [vincenty-formulae]

two related iterative methods used in geodesy to calculate the distance between two points on the surface of a spheroid.

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Understanding latitudes longitudes and angles

I am very new to geographic concepts. I already know and understand the concepts of latitude and longitude. What I am trying to find is the angle between two points having those points data. First I ...
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Haversine accuracy worse when using geocentric radius vs average Earth radius

I am required to calculate the distance between two points. To reduce computational complexity for an embedded system, rather than use the more accurate Vincenty that uses the WSG84 ellipsoid, I have ...
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Translating X, Y coordinates to lat/long

I have X and Y coordinates from a resized image that has its origins from a Sentinel 2B photo. The original photo is 109.681 by 110.334 km. The re-dimensioned file is 370 by 369. I also know the ...
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Why is SQL Server 2019's STDistance Very Slightly Different Than The Vincenty Formula? (Same Up To ~0.0001km)

I'm trying to make a C language equivalent to STDistance. Through research, I've narrowed down what STDistance uses, which apparently is the (inverse) Vincenty Formula. The problem is, I've tried ...
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Calculate velocity and errors from distance between GPS points

I'm using a Kalman filter to track the position of a vehicle and for my measurement, I have a GPX file (WGS84 Format) containing information about the latitude, longitude, elevation and the timestamp ...
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How to measure distance between 2 GPS points in Pandas?

I have two data frames both containing x,y GPS coordinates and I'm trying to determine if they are within a 1/4, 1/2 and 1 mile of each other. Like this: # COORDS1 DAY LATITUDE ...
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Vincenty or (Project + Euclidean) for accurate distances

I posted a similar question on stackoverflow, however was directed here for more help. If my main goal was to calculate distances such that my error was minimised to the nearest metre assuming that ...
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Meaning of "Elevation above surface of ellipsoid"?

I'm using implementation of Vincenty's algorithms, and I have their class called "position" that requires lat, lon, and elevation defined by: "Elevation above the surface of the ellipsoid". What is ...
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Difference in destination location between pyproj and geopy

I am looking at ways to calculate (in Python) the destination location from a point given bearing and range. Based on the results comparison from the 2 libraries in subject(geopy and pyproj), I ...
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Generating properly-aligned shape from land survey description?

I'm looking through a variety of land surveys from construction permits in Florida, and I'm trying to generate a set of lat/lon points from them, in order to map them out. The surveys list a PLSS ...
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Does PostGIS have a Vincenty Distance calculation?

I have compared some distance calculations between geopy and PostGIS ST_Distance_Sphere, and it seems that PostGIS ST_Distance uses a calculation that is similar to the great circle distance rather ...
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Calculated distance doesn't match Google Earth

I have a google earth route that measures 190.1km in Google Earth. I then pulled down the .kml file, extracted the points and measured them using Vincenty's formula (ellipsoid earth) and got 190.2. ...
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Difference between Vincenty and great-circle distance calculations?

Python's geopy package features two distance measurements techniques: Great Circle and Vincenty's formulae. >>> from geopy.distance import great_circle >>> from geopy.distance ...
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