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Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space enclosed by some closed boundary

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Calculate volume of space defined by multiple overlapping 3D polygons

I have thousands of 3D polygons scattered in space but they mostly overlap with many of their neighbors in big extent. Is there any way how to compute volume they define effectively? I would love to ...
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Calculating dredged material volume with sloped trapezoidal geometry using bathymetric data in QGIS

I have bathymetric data (as a point layer) for an area slated for dredging, where the target depth is -4m relative to Chart Datum. I have a polygon outlining the dredged area. The post-dredging ...
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Calculate excavation volume

I have a dem (0.5 x 0.5 m) and a green polygon (vector) representing a 35° inclined plane. I would like to calculate the volume of terrain between the dem and the inclined plane. So far I have only ...
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Volume of excavated pond

I am trying to obtain Cut/Fill Volumes of a large on-site pond using the new Volume Calculation Tool in QGIS. My files are: DTM (DSM) in TIFF format Contours in DXF and SHP format I have no problem ...
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Volume calculation of different termite mouts

So i know how to calculate the volume of 1 indiviual mountain, but my problem is that i have a data set (LiDAR) with a lot of those. I was thinking if there was a more effecient way to calculate the ...
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Extracting object volume in eCognition?

I am a beginner in eCognition and am working on trying to extract volume for certain classified objects. When I extract volume with the ruleset given in the program it is the same value as the area (...
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Different volume results in QGIS by using Raster Surface Volume and raster statistics

I have seen many questions similar to mine, but did not find an answer to my problem. I am using QGIS version 3.28.11-Firenze. I have a raster representing the difference between two DEMs on a fluvial ...
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Using ArcGIS Pro to calculate required height of debris dam structure in stream when expected volume to retain is known

I have the locations of potential debris dam structures to be placed in a stream and know the contributing watershed area and the estimated debris volume (in m3) that would flow down that watershed ...
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Volume calculations using raster surface volume are too high

I am looking to calculate the amount of water stored on a wetland behind a sluice. I have used clipped 1m DEM data to calculate the volumes using the raster surface volume tool (calculating volume ...
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Rasterio error RuntimeWarning: overflow encountered in reduce return

I have extracted a mask from a raster in order to test out multiple volume calculations between QGIS and Python I'm using rasterio to read in the tiff image and calculate its volume: import rasterio ...
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Calculating volume of IDW raster below Height of Plane, but it is failing

I am using ArcMap. I am trying to calculate the volume of water using IDW Tool. When I reach a point to calculate, the statistics below height of plane cannot run, giving me 0.00, What could be the ...
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QGIS - calculate volume from DSM

I've been following a tutorial ( in order to try to find volumes for various stockpiles that I took imagery of with ...
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Calculating sink volume in R via rgrass7

I want to calculate the volume of sinks in a DEM raster in R, since I have to automatize the workflow later. Following the results of my previous question (Creating depressionless DEMs with rgrass7) I ...
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ArcGIS Polygon Volume - Variable height field

I'm using ArcMap 10.6 I have a TIN of a landscape which has a series of mounds on it. I have isolated polygons for each mound, which are not flat but variable in height as they go around each mound. ...
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Processing area and calculating volume of polygon with know elevation from DEM in QGIS

I got a DEM of a watershed and I need to create a dam at a fixed elevation (with a rectangular polygon corresponding at the top of the dam) and calculate it's area (including the slope (fixed value) ...
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Methods to differentiate between terrain

I am not specialized in GIS. I have some moisture contour maps, I want to compare each pair to trace the changes between either in a numeric way. I tried to get the mathematical difference between ...
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Make 3d model from picture and calculate volume

I have a picture (fictional) of a mountain. What I want and am not able to do without help, is to make the coordinates and height to the right scale. I have a line that represents 10 km on the ...
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Bathymetry map (DEM) and the reservoir Volume from bathymetry points

Could anyone provide me with a workflow from POINTS --> Bathymetry map (DEM) and Volume calculation in ArcGIS? I would like to create a bathymetry map (DEM) and calculate the volume for a large ...
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Arcpy - Calculate volume using CutFill tool

Currently i have the output of Pix4D which contains: DSM, DTM, LAS file. I want to calculate the volume of a polygon specified by coordinate. Here is the script i'm using right now: arcpy....
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GRASS r.volume Error

I am writing a Python script which uses a vector polygon outline to construct a raster map of a hypothetical 'mound'. Finally, the script will output the volume of this mound using r.volume. The ...
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Surface Volume: output table given all in one column?

The model iterates through a Point Feature Class to calculate different volumes. As an output I get two different styles of tables, both in one and the same iteration. One is the actual correct output ...
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Z factor to get the results in square meters and cubic meters?

I have a DEM surface in WGS 1984.I want to calculate surface area and volume in different elevations.I wonder for example If I want to measure the area and volume below some height how shall I set the ...
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How to define disturbed/clipped contours elevation for Volume Polygon?

I want to calculate surface volume for different layer on TIN surface. I am working on an area in Norway which is 1 km * 1 km. The aim is to calculate surface volume of different imaginary elevation. ...
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Using 3d Polyline in QGIS to calculate Volume?

This question may be completely off the mark. I have a survey drawing in DWG format, I use AutoCAD 2d but the survey was created in LSS. The Countour lines in the DXF have XYZ coordinates. Firstly ...
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Calculating volume between polygon and raster?

I want to calculate the volume between a route alignment and a raster. I have the centerline of the route. The centerline is between point A and B as it is presented in the figure below. Point A and B ...
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Surface Volume 3D Analyst Tool - ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2

I'm trying to calculate the volume above the plane of a bathymetric data using the 3D Analyst Tool (surface volume). I keep getting the error "ERROR 000196: error in accessing Extract_PHS1 " ...
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Calculating volumes

I am using QGIS 3.22.1 for this task. I have points with X, Y, Z of river bed. I have two sets, first is top of the mud and second is bottom of the mud-gravel layer. My goal is to calculate difference ...
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Discrepancy in output volume calculation for same rasters in QGIS and Rasterio

I have been comparing my volume calculation results on the same rasters with QGIS Raster Surface Volume tool and the following python script: import rasterio import numpy as np filename = 'D:/raster....
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Attribute Table fields NULL for volume calculation - confused

I just tried a volume calculation with QGIS on a DSM. After using the zone statistics function the attributes (mean, max, min) for the corresponding polygon are all NULL. Anyone knows why that doesn´t ...
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Making 3D model of volume to add to map

I need to create a hypothetical volume of soil with a specific shape in a given location. How would I create such a volume if I know the xyz basic points and not much else? Do I have to make a cvs on ...
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