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WAAS is an acronym for Wide Area Augmentation System, developed for air traffic navigation to support navigation through GPS .

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How to achieve optimal accuracy with RINEX post-processing for Bad-Elf or Ublox GNSS L1-only receivers?

I have a Bad-Elf Surveyor (with what I’m pretty sure is a ublox Neo-7P module) and am experimenting with the kind of accuracy I can get from it by collecting raw data logs (RINEX) from the Bad-Elf app....
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GPS Elephant Tracking: Utilizing A-GPS, WAAS, DGPS and Understanding HDOP, NSAT, and ZDA

*I'm using a GPS data logger (qstarz bt-q1000xt) to track the movement of zoo elephants, and I have a variety of technical questions. I've had limited success receiving answers from the vendor. You ...
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