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How to customize weight function based on edge attribute in Networkx shortest_path

I have created a graph representing NYC road network. I am trying to calculate a path between two nodes using Networkx shortest_path. Running it like this works fine and I'm able to visualize the ...
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Weighted 2D kernel density heatmap in R

I have visual observations from repeat transect surveys (individual sighting locations based on bearing and distance to transect) that I use to create 2D kernel density heatmaps. Currently I do so ...
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Created weighted sample points in ArcGIS Pro

I have a classified satellite image and I want to create a confusion matrix to check its accuracy. Instead of doing a "simple random sample", I want to do a weighted sample, where there is a ...
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Making weight heatmap on recurring event in points layer using QGIS

I have a heatmap created on a points layer of deer-vehicle collision. Now, I want to weight the heatmap on the recurring of crash in the same area in different years. I would give weight 0 if a point ...
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Weighting the flow accumulation raster by the slope raster in QGIS

I am trying to represent de equation of Mahoney et al. (2018) Where Si is the slope in the cell i, ΣSup is is the sum of the ...
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Mean coordinates from several columns

I have a delimited text layer created from table with a few hundred coordinates (lat/long) in columns A and B and several hundred values associated with these coordinates in columns C to XXX. Now, I ...
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Taking weighted average over overlapping polygons in QGIS

I am trying to find source emissions values for a roads lines layer based on emissions rates tied to polygons. Here is an illustrative depiction of the two layers I am working with: Each polygon has ...
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