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Setting permanent minimum height and width of all cells in attribute table with PyQGIS

Let's assume there is an attribute table of a vector layer which was opened with F6, see image below With the code below I could set the minimum height and width of all cells in the attribute table. ...
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Variable for symbol width in QGIS expressions?

Using QGIS 3.22.1. I have straight lines connecting two points. These lines are stored in two separate layers, one layer for each direction. I am using a graduated size renderer to display these lines....
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Visualizing a polyline with decreasing width towards one end (QGIS)

I am acquiring data related to the hydrography of a territory. I would like to use a symbology that allows me to have a line whose thickness decreases as it reaches its end (like the example in the ...
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Adjusting attribute table view column width using PyQGIS

I'm programmatically opening the Attribute table via Python through a plugin. All of the columns have a default width, but some of the data that I'm using do not fit. It's not enough to be able to ...
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