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Cannot read unzipped qgs project file

I saved my project as .qgz file in 3.22.14 Bialowieza version on Windows 11. When I tried to open it the next day I got the following error message: I restored an older version of the file, saved it ...
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FAIL - Application at context path [/geoserver] could not be started

I just installed in Windows 11 the product Cartoview which is open-source GIS Web app and includes GeoNode, GeoServer, PostGIS, and the web server Apache Tomcat. After successfully installed the ...
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My new installed ArcMap is blank. Re-installed many times, but did not work

I bought a new laptop few days ago with Windows 11. When I installed ArcGIS 10.8, something is not normal. No toolbars, no menus, nothing in the interface. What can I do to deal with this problem?