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Windows Phone is Microsoft's mobile operating system and software development platform.

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jquerymobile-TypeError: Object doesn't support this action on windows phone

Obtaining TypeError: Object doesn't support this action in windows phone 8.1, IE v11. The application is plotting route and drawing circles in Android & iOS devices. Is there any ...
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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET (Windows Phone) - ArcGISLocalTiledLayer Issue

I'm developing Windows Phone 8.1 client for our company ArcGIS maps. Online layers works fine, but I need to deliver offline maps (Map Tile Package - .tpk file) to users with bad connectivity. My ...
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OpenLayers WMSGetFeatureInfo Windows Mobile

I have built an app using Phonegap build that uses OpenLayers 2.13.1 with WMS layers from GeoServer and I have a WMSGetFeatureInfo control set up. When I click a point on Windows phone 8, the error I ...
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Offline usage of OpenStreetMap or alternatives

I'm planning to implement an offline map solution for windows phone using open street maps. To achieve this, would I need to download complete OSM database first and than use it? Or is possible to ...
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ArcGIS in PhoneGap

I am trying to set up a PhoneGap application with an ArcGIS Map using a Windows Phone template in Visual Studio 2012. I have tried using an example from the ArcGIS Javascript API samples to ...
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How to get first, most current coordinate in GeoCoordinateWatcher?

It seems like when I have an app that uses a GeoCoordinateWatcher and I attempt to get the first coordinate, it always pulls the last coordinate that the GPS used first when raising the ...
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Incorrect GeoCoordinate at Random

Sometimes when the device is pulling coordinates with the GeoPositionAccuracy set to High and the MovementThreshold set to 0, the GeoCoordinate that is captured is further away and not inline with the ...
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Zoom to see entire MapLayer in Bing Maps

If I have a MapLayer that I'm applying to Bing Maps where I have a list of coordinates, how can I zoom to see the full MapLayer (dynamically zoom to the proper size) and toggle between seeing the ...
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ArcGIS for Windows Phone with Bing maps and shapefiles

I have a set of shapefiles that I want to display on a map along with satellite imagery. I currently use ThinkGeo for this sort of thing on Windows. I'm writing a Windows Phone app that must operate ...
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What type of OS is best for ESRI mobile Development?

I know there is going to be varied opinions on this question. We're being asked to create some mobile maps for various departments in our county. This happens to come at a time when AT&T has ...
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Can I collect Seismic data with an array of cell phones?

Suppose I have an array of cell phones, each having: an accelerometer a clock a GPS receiver Windows Phone 7 (WP7) How hard would it be to write a program so that synchronizes the phones to a ...
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Does Bing maps silverlight API work on Windows phone 7?

Has anyone seen any good resources on using Bing Maps Silverlight APIs on WP7?
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Future of ArcGIS Mobile [closed]

I'm not sure we can get a straight answer from ESRI on this question at his point because there is so much uncertainty with Microsoft in this area right now but "What is the future of ArcGIS Mobile ...