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3 answers

Python, comtypes and ArcObjects: Error creating AppROT object

I am experimenting with comtypes and ArcObjects under Python 2.6.5 and ArcGIS 10 SP1. I'm using the pure Python method to wrap the ArcObjects OLBs described in this answer, but getting an error in the ...
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4 answers

Shapely not installing correctly

I am trying to run Shapely on a new machine, and tried both installing it from source, using the installer on its webpage, and using pip install shapely. Every reference I try to make from the library ...
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1 answer

How to replace a shapefile name in a directory using Python QGIS?

How to replace name or delete .shp file from directory using Python QGIS ? import os import processing input = "//input.shp" output = "//output_100.shp" interval = 100 processing.runalg("qgis:...
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