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WMC (Web Map Context) is an OGC standard for saving and sharing session information from a client (web portal, GIS desktop application), with respect WMS and WFS services that you were viewing.

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GeoNetwork + Mapproxy customized endpoints?

I'd like to build a service that allow each user of a GeoNetwork portal or sub portal (
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How do you create a WMC with OWSLib?

I'm trying to create a Web Map Context(WMC) file using OWSLib. WMC is supported, but there are no examples on any official pages: OWSLib 0.14.0 documentation, PyPI~ OWSLib 0.14.0, GitHib OWSLib ...
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Is it possible to open WMC(Web map Context) file in QGIS?

I am new to WMC and in our application we had a requirement to extend the WMC functions. For that I need to know whether QGIS have the support of WMC files. Or we need any plugins for WMC support ...
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Extract WMS data from the OneGeology Portal

I am trying to extract geological information from the OneGeology portal unfortunately most of the data there only consists of WMS data. For example, is it feasible to extract a particular legend ...
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