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How to set save location to 'CURRENT' GDB in ArcGIS Pro Tasks

I'm new to authoring tasks, and now that I'm attempting to use my task in a second project, the saves are being directed to the GDB I was in when I created the Task. How can I dynamically assign save ...
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How to access some Server's folder in QGIS

Somehow access some file from server in QGIS is so easy just drop in your QGIS project. But some case you need access your server from QGIS "search directory" then your server is did not ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Using ArcPy to identify Shapefiles instead of os.walk() via *.shp file extension?

I am trying to write a script that identifies all Shapefiles within my folder structure and write a list of the .shp files with their full path file name to a newly created .txt file. I was able to ...
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Change Volumes when saving outputs?

Im sure there is a simple answer to this but its eluding me. When saving outputs/QGIS projects the file navigator interface opens up and I can go through my files until I find the place I want to save ...
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Initalize plugin with current working directory?

Upon starting Qgis, a (currently under construction) plugin needs a means of checking the current project/legend/registry. This checksum would ideally occur upon startup automatically. As the plugin ...
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ArcGIS scratch directories

Assuming I start ArcGIS 8 times on my PC. One for each processor on my PC. Now lets say I run similar but slightly different models in each ArcGIS. Lets say reclass, zonal stats, or math. Now assume ...
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