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Retrieve date specific XYZ tiles of Bing or ESRI for QGIS

The latest version of Bing XYZ imagery has this link,{q}.jpeg?g=1, which has been updated few months back. But I want to access url of previous year or ...
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JPEG is not connected in GeoServer

When manually creating a World Image (JPEG) repository in GeoServer 2.15.5-2.21.1, I get an error: Could not list layers for this store, an error occurred retrieving them: Failed to create reader ...
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QGIS takes forever to render ArcGIS World Imagery

I'm currently using QGIS 3.16.5. I am using the ArcGIS World Imagery - High Resolution 30cm Imagery layer to select training data for land cover classification. For the last two months, I was able to ...
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How to view metadata of ArcGIS World Imagery Clarity?

I want to see the year and resolution for certain areas for the World Imagery Clarity. Clarity: Now, it seems there is some ...
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What is the difference between ArcGIS World Imagery Classic and the World Imagery Clarity?

Clarity: Classic: Is Clarity more recent and higher ...
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Creating a greyscale bathymetry map of the world in QGIS

I am looking to create a greyscale bathymetry map of the world in QGIS which I can then output as SVG contour lines. Maybe there is somewhere where I can find and download greyscale vector tiles of ...
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Satellite imagery comparison

Earlier in my searches I had come across this website which provided a fast switchback between all the map providers (Apple Maps, Google, Bing, OSM) where you had the chance to compare the satellite ...
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Crediting imagery provider after delineating polygon using satellite imagery

I would like to create a polygon layer of wetlands for example. If I use satellite imagery to delineate the features, does that mean that the vector polygon is a derivative/modification of the ...
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World DEM speckled outcome solution

I have a world digital elevation model which has been classified into 5 showing the different heights. My issue is that viewing and printing this image as it is results in a speckled look due to the ...
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Is Esri high resolution (0.3m) imagery service still available?

Neither the World Imagery basemap in ArcMap nor the service at ArcGIS Online provide high resolution (0.3m) images anymore. Has anybody been able to access the 0.3m resolution imagery recently? ...
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How accurate is ESRI world imagery basemap in ArcGIS?

I have an aerial photo which doesn't match up with ESRI world imagery basemap in ArcGIS 10.2. I didn't add the AP or georeference it. It was already in the project when I started. I'd really like to ...
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Exporting Imagery in ArcGIS - problems with lines on exported image?

I am using the pan-sharpened Landsat imagery that is available on ArcGIS Desktop (ie data from ArcGIS Online). When I export a map with the pan-sharpened Landsat imagery in the background, lines ...
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Where to get world-map images for use in webglearth

I am using webglearth for a 3D earth globe. I already bought MapTiler, from the same makers. Now I am struggling with finding different world-map-images with the right projection. I need either WGS ...
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Download Worldview imagery

Where do I find WorldView satelite imagery that can I download that are hard to find around ? There are few that I know of are: EarthExplorer GLCF Glovis
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Is there a Reference Layer in the World Imagery Basemap?

How do I turn on the reference layer in the World Imagery Basemap? It is not located on the Table of Contents.
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