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Questions tagged [worldview-3]

Worldview-3 is a commercial high-resolution multispectral earth observation satellite, launched in 2014, and operated by DigitalGlobe. This tag is for questions about analyzing WV-3 imagery.

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Differentiate 1-m-wide unvegetated creeks from vegetated surrounding using WorldView-3 or 4 images

I see that both WorldView-3 and 4 have a panchromatic band with resolution 0.31 m. Then they have spectral resolution of 1.24 m (4 bands in WorldView3 and 8 bands in Worldview 4). I need to detect ...
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Surface Reflectance from WorldView-3 CAVIS Bands

I am working on a project that focuses specifically on 1 micron-region of the EM spectrum. WorldView-3 CAVIS bands look promising for my work, but as far as I know, they were designed to monitor the ...
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Correcting Worldview-3 data to ground reflection/bottom of atmosphere with open source? [closed]

I have some worldview-3 imagery that needs to be corrected from digital numbers to actual reflection values (preferably bottom-of-atmosphere). But the tricky part is I am looking for open source ...
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