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Modify 500m MODIS landuse data based on 30m Landsat 8 data

I am using WRF real case to study urban breeze. I used MODIS 15s 500m resolution data for landuse. There are 378x378 grids. This data underestimates the urban area in my study area. I made a ...
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How to create a wind map from wrfout in GRASS GIS

I would like to create a wind direction map in GRASS GIS using wind U-velocity and V-velocity, which are outputs from the weather model WRF. I tried to create a wind direction map with the command d....
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Unable to check MPI option in QGIS while configuring plugin GIS4WRF

While configuring plugin GIS4WRF in QGIS, I tried to check MPI box it says mpich is not installed, even it is installed through homebrew in my system. I have Mac M1-Max. Can somebody help ?
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Reproject Data on to WRF grid

I have MODIS data EVI and LSWI which I want to fit to WRF grid which in LCC projection system, I can read specification using CEN_LON, LAT1, LAT2. Based on that I have reprojected my TIFF files using ...
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Cannot open NetCDF file with QGIS

I have a problem regarding the NetCDF files downloaded from this site: Every time I try to open any of the files using QGIS "Layer > Add Layer > Add ...
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PROJ: proj_create: Error -7: unknown unit conversion id

I am attempting to use a bash script to reproject wrf output using the following: ${gdal} -of GTiff -a_srs '+proj=longlat +datum=WGS84 +ellps=WGS84 +lat_1=30 +lat_2=60 +lat_0=42.1200065612793 +lon_0=-...
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How to transform WRF Spherical Earth to WGS 84?

Weather Research Forcasting Model assumes a spherical earth model with a radius of 6370km. I'm looking to display the data onto the WGS-84 Ellipsoid model as that is the model my system uses for its ...
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How to change time zone for netcdf file

For example, I have a netcdf file from WRF model, and its time zone is in UTM 00. I want to change the time zone to UTM 08, how to achieve that?
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