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XML Schema Definition. An XML file that defines the rules for an XML language, and can be used by software (parsers) to work out if any XML document is valid, that is, conforms to the specified language.

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Validating GML against XSD schema gives ERROR

I am a very beginner in GIS and have the following problem I couldn't resolve yet. I have an XSD schema and an XML document I want to validate against the schema. As expected the XML isn't valid yet, ...
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How to use WFS access point to create a GeoJSON of data displayed on QGIS canvas when ogr2ogr does not find schema?

The German state of Schleswig-Holstein has a geoportal, where they provide a link to their WFS service:
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Is there an xsd schema or UML diagram for GDF and if not then why?

I am a GIS newbie exploring the GDF Geographic Data Files format. The question "GDF — Can anyone suggest some good reading?" was a great starting point (despite dead links that have lots of ...
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Validating schema of my XSD wth GML with GeoTools

I would like to control if my GML file is valid with my actual XSD using GeoTools. I found something here: GML2 Parsing TestSchema Example. But I don't know if it's a good way to do what I want. ...
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GeoNetwork metadata validation errors

I'm a new GeoNetwork user and having a hard time to understand how to solve metadata validation errors. I need to start with a very basic question. GeoNetwork validation runs a Schema Validation (XSD ...
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GML validation errors with FME

I am wondering if I am missing something. I am exporting some records from an Oracle dB to a GML2 file using FME. When I validate the resulting XML using online validators I don't find any errors. ...
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Using Open GIS’s KML Schema Definition (ogckml22.xsd), Microsoft.Net XML Schema Definition Tool Fails

In brief, on one hand, I expect Open GIS’s KML Schema Definition, i.e. ogckml22.xsd, to be rock solid; fully debugged. Likewise, Microsoft.Net’s XSD XML Schema Definition tool (https://docs....
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Where is XSD file for XML found in Gdb_Items table?

I would like to be able to deserialize the xml in Gdb_items table using .NET. The xml in an sde geodatabase appears to be the same as the xml returned using the File GDB API. I tried using xsd.exe ...
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Geoserver WFS Feature Schema Enumeration of Strings

Basically, I'm trying to limit the values that can be provided by a WFS transaction. So the original schema I've got for this simple test feature here <xsd:complexType name="secondfeatureType"> ...
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Creating a Geoserver App-Schema mapping file for GeodesyML

EDIT: This appears to be a version dependent issue! When I posted the question I was using Geoserver 2.11.1. I upgraded to the 2.12 nightly SNAPSHOT and I can now general GeodesyML output. The problem ...
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Generating C# classes for gml.xsd using MS Visual studio xsd tool

With Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 comes a tool called xsd which can automatically generate C# source code to easily deal with XML files corresponding to a given schema. I have a very complex XSD ...
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GeoTools decode FeatureType

Encode: 1- A way of encoding a FeatureType is : SimpleFeatureType TYPE = DataUtilities.createType("Location", "geom:Point,name:String"); GML encode = new GML(Version.GML2); encode.setBaseURL(new ...
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