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eXtensible Stylesheet Language applies to a set of XML languages used to transform and render XML documents

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How to change the styles (fonts, in particular) in a ArcToolbox tool UI?

I am attempting to change the font size in my ArcToolbox tool UI. I have scoured the ArcGIS 10.0 online help and found nothing on this topic. Googling it turned up the 9.1 version, which has been ...
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Record's landing page not displaying using GeoNetwork

I'm working on customizing our GeoNetwork metadata schema which is mostly based on dublin-core schema. Each record should have a landing page which is accessible under {portal-address}/resources/...
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ArcMap HTML Popup XSL: Images with relative path

I added a HTML Popup to a map that displays several fields data and one image that's stored in a folder next to the map.mxd file. One of the fields in the table is the filename.jpg for each image. All ...
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kml to kml conversion with XSL

I have a simple KML file witch I get with ogr2ogr where all placemark are 2D polygon like this one : <Placemark> <Style> <LineStyle> <color>ff0000ff</color> ...
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Attachment Editor in XSL

I'm trying to create a custom HTML Popup using XSL. I can get the attachment JPEG's to show, but cannot seem to integrate the Attachment Manager that you can find when setting the HTML Popup As a ...
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