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XTools Pro is an extension for ArcGIS that provides tools and functions for spatial analysis, shape conversions and table management

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Are some XTools Pro Tools hidden from use with ArcPy scripting in ArcGIS Pro

I am using ArcGIS Pro v2.9 and XTools Pro v22. I can successfully access XTools when scripting by making calls such as arcpy.xtagp.PolygonsToPolylinesTool(infeats, outfeats) xtagp is the alias for ...
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Connecting PCI, ArcGIS, and XTools with Python?

I have a process that I'm trying to fully automate. There are 3 broadly defined chunks. An intial ArcGIS chunk that uses XTools. A PCI chunk. and a plain ArcGIS chunk. PCI python requires 64bit arcpy ...
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Loop over directory with XTools tool

I'm trying to loop through a directory of shp files with an XTool Pro tool via arcpy. My script successfully performs the operation on the first shp file, but then fails on the rest with a 000584 ...
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Check-out XTools Pro with arcpy

I have an arcpy script that uses a XTools Pro geoprocessing tool, which works if I run it from ArcMap (with the XTools Pro extension enabled), but if I run it outside of ArcMap I get an error. Tool I'...
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