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Changing spatial extent after affine transformation

I have a GeoTIFF file of cropped agricultural plots that I am trying to rotate so that they are perpendicular to the image edges. The source image looks like this: However, when I rotate the image ...
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Using NTv2 gridfiles in QGIS >= 3.22.x LTR with proj 9.x

This question is a follow-up to QGIS transformation defined in srs.db tbl_datum_transform table not available in Select Datum Transformations dialog Basically it is all about making an NTv2 gridfile (*...
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Import WMS Connection to data source manager with

I search for a possibility to import WMS-connections to the data source manager with the in QGIS. I tried the following code, but always get errors: from qgis.core import QgsOwsConnection # ...
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Server-side alternate to `ee.List.getInfo()` for running a loop

I have a GEE-python code which first extracts the distinct pixel values and then aggregates the area of all such pixels within the adminitrative boundary. However, when running this function for big ...
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Updating VRT raster layers in QGIS 3.28.3 (Windows) with PyQGIS

I'm trying to update a VRT raster layer in QGIS after clipping the VRT file with Python GDAL. When I pan with the mouse afterwards, I lose my raster and get the following GDAL warning for all raster ...
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