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Are you using the VL Bridge? If so, there is an undocumented method for the category widget's bridge: enableColorMapping. If the viz bridged to your as-category-widget has a color ramp, it will add the color to the categories automatically. Keep in mind that it's undocumented, so it might change in the future without notice. const bridge = new AsBridge....


You can change the properties of the widget right after the append call. For instance, you could change visibleCategories and it should work. If you need to read the properties back, you have to wait until the next tick. From a VL <--> Airship perspective, the widget will update on every update event on the layer it's bridged to. You could listen to that ...


There is a non documented property for this. In the histogram is called noDataHeaderMessage


Main culprit of the breaking change here. The selection is a bit more complex now, because of categorical data support. The event.detail is an object with several props. In event.detail.selection there's the "old" selection format, so you can just change to: widget.addEventListener('selectionChanged', event => { this.$emit( '...

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