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What are Definition, Algorithms and Practical Solutions for Concave Hull?

JTS now has a Concave Hull implementation. This is based on erosion of the Delaunay triangulation of the input points. It supports creating holes, and provides both absolute and scale-free length ...
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Debugging Error: Algorithm gdal:dissolve not found in PyQGIS

To check whether PyQGIS has a certain algorithm one can use the following code: from qgis import processing for alg in QgsApplication.processingRegistry().algorithms(): if 'dissolve' in ...
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Retrieve polygon smallest MBR

Some 11 years late to the party, but I think this does what you want (well, from v2.5.0 which was probably after you asked!)
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Processing algorithm as expression in QGIS

That's a great solution, but I think it could fail when there is a fid field with non consecutive numbers. I made this slight modification, and it works fine for me: from qgis.core import * from qgis....
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