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Getting elevation at particular coordinate (lat/lon) programmatically (but offline)?

For the future users' convinience, when you provide lat lon in get_elevation function, it gives the elevation. import rasterio elevation_file = 'Dem.tif' def get_elevation(lat, lon): coords = ((...
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Extract xmin/max, ymin/max for a tile from Mapbox API

I've got another solution that doesn't require all these installations, written in R: #convert radians to degrees rad2deg <- function(rad) {(rad * 180) / (pi)} #convert tile numbers to coordiantes ...
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KeyError when adding layer to WebMap with add_layer in Python ArcGIS API

Probably you have an item in your content with the same name as the title of the item you want to add. My guess is that there is a service definition with that name. You can avoid the error by using ...
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