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If anyone wants to do this with r, I found a script written by Barry Rowlingson on R-sig-geo that still works fairly well. Two functions: one computes evenly spaced points along a set of xy coordinates, the other works out the end point of transects centered on those points: # How to generate perpendicular transects along a line feature evenspace <- ...


For anyone landing here searching for a reason why the left() function doesn't work in arcgis, this is what I found: LEFT() and RIGHT() don't work for fgdb's. You must use SUBSTRING(field FROM start for NumChars) The correct syntax for the SUBSTRING function is: SUBSTRING("Field" FROM 1 FOR 3) - this example returns everything from the first char to the ...


In ArcGIS: Step1: Use "Feature Vertices to Points" (Both Ends) Step2: Use "Collect Events Tool": ICOUNT field shows the number of line connected to a point. This is useful to find Pipeline Fitting (ICOUNT=3 ---> T-Fitting & ICOUNT=4---> 4-way Fitting) and also Errors (ICOUNT>4).

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