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The Previous Answers worked for QGIS 2.x. If you are reading this after 2020, you will find that the Answers don't work. What Works with QGIS 3.x is the plugin called IBAMA Processing. Install this plugin, and then you will get the `Create Footprint of Images' tool/algorithm in the Processing Toolbox.


First parameter to MakeFeatureLayer should be a input feature class or layer. You are passing x which is a tuple of the values of 'CONCAT_T', 'AREA', for example ("somevalue", 1000). Maybe it should be 'talhoes_layer' instead? If you have ArcMap >= 10.5 (I think), you can use Split By Attributes: Splits an input dataset by unique attributes


Here you can find ArgGIS toolbox for applying quality masking on MODIS vegetation products(hdf format).


I have this problem as well with italics text in a title block. When I increase the resolution of the PDF it fixes it.

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