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I can parse the JSON text using JSON.parse. var obj = JSON.parse(jsonResp); service.log(obj.features[0].attributes.ZONE) Notes: The JSON features element is an array with a single element in it (note the square brackets). Put an index reference after features: features[0]. Credit goes to @Steven Kay. The field name is case sensitive. zone didn't work,...


Yes, I made this little script that I run from Jupyter notebook. Just change as required the variables metadatain, and metawriter. It will recursively add metadata to all the files with an extension (for instance shp) inside a directory. import os import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET metadatain = ET.parse(r'ADDRESS\TO\METADATA.xml') root = metadatain.getroot()...


I just had this problem moments ago - one layer was not saving to the exported pdf. I deleted that layer and then re-added it. Now, for some reason, everything works fine.


This is the workflow I'd recommend: Add a definition query to your pipes for your branch pipe (Trunk = 'No') Buffer pipes with a small distance (1 foot), dissolve type ALL Split your buffers using Multipart to Singlepart Add a unique ID value to each singlepart buffer Spatially Join buffer unique ID to your pipe features Spatially join pipe unique ID to ...

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