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If I understand correctly, the top symbol is the rotation you are looking to match on the remaining symbols. If using ArcMap you can go into the symbol properties, click on the symbol within the table of contents, and enter the desired angle. If you are going for a desired affect, it helps if you know the angle of the line. If you aren't sure, and using ...


The usability of the arcpy walk function could definitely be tweaked. It is efficient for listing, but that's it. Any filters massively hamstring it


I've created a python toolbox which performs a far analysis as described above. Inputs: Input Feature Class - The input feature class Far Feature Class - The feature class with far feature candidates Output Geodatabase - The geodatabase that will house the output table Output Table Name - The name of the output table Distance Determination Method - ...


Adrian's answer worked for me. Also, this error can occur because if your raster values are not integer data type. Convert it (ArcToolbox / Spatial Analyst Tools / Math / Int) and try again using this output.

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