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Short answer is no. There is no exposure of the main GUI of ArcMap to the customize dialog in arcpy. You can set to save customization to the MXD by ticking this option. So turn on that option, set up all your short cut keys and save the MXD. Then distribute the MXD to whoever and they will have these key strokes available to them.


I'm providing a more recent solution for finding duplicates and adding the count to a new field. It's straight from ESRI's help document: How to identify duplicate or unique values in ArcGIS Pro. import arcpy ''' This script will count the number of occurences of a value in a field ("field_in") and write them to a new field ("field_out")...


These solution options were taken after speaking with ESRI tech support. I use ArcMap 10.5 version. Option 1: Go to Customize tab and select Customize Mode Under the Command tab, type in “export map” in the search menu. Under file, click and hold the “Export Map” command and drag it to the File tab on the main desktop interface. Drop it in the tab. Two ...

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