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Press windows key + R Type "regedit" Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER - SOFTWARE - ESRI - Desktop(the version you're using) - Export - ExportDIg Double click on ShowOptionsPanel Type "1"


I am new-bee in ArcGIS. Currently I have a task to open a bundled files like: some_map.tfw 1 kb some_map.tif 133,666 kb some_map.tif.aux.xml 2 kb some_map.tif.ovr 45,645 kb here, the tfw file seems to be a world file, and aux.xml is an auxiliary file, help ArcGIS to understand the total files. tif is the base image file, and ...


The DEM will have a nodata value that means there is a void (no information there). Load the .hgt file into QGIS / Arc, look at the layer properties, to find out what it is. Visually, you could: Make the layer completely black. Set the nodata value to be transparent (should be automatic). Look for voids. Programmatically, you could load the raster to an ...

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