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SQL select the two values that bounds an input value

In SQL, something like this might work, I assume that your geodatabase is installed on a SQL Server : SELECT TOP 1 id, date FROM date_table WHERE date < CAST('10/06/2022' as date) ORDER BY date ...
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ArcGIS Pro Definition Query between two tables

Even though there were no nulls in the target layer, by virtue of joining tables where the join table has UniqueId populated from the target table once a feature is drawn, it starts by having nothing ...
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Distinguishing between shapefile and layer file using ArcMap

A layerfile ONLY holds symbology and a few other settings, they are not the source data. So many layerfiles can point to the same single feature class and symbolize different aspects of the dataset. ...
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Open ArcGIS Pro data with definition queries and symbology in ArcMap

As commented by @CezarB a possible workaround from https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-pro-questions/saving-lyr-file-from-arcgis-pro/td-p/674162 is to: Publish the layer in ArcGIS online from Pro ...
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