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There's no method on the Sketch widget to delete a particular or selected graphic. One posible option is to do it manually using the updateGraphics property of the widget which is a Collection of the graphics that are being edited/selected in that moment. With that information we can use the method removeMany() from the "graphics" property(Collection) of ...


I found the issue a while ago. I was running many different queries. I used a "base query" that all queries were cloned from (using .clone), and I forgot to add the "outStatistics" to this cloned query.


Yes, you want to use the SketchViewModel. When the user clicks your button, call the update method. var sketchViewModel = new SketchViewModel({ view: view, layer: graphicsLayer }); sketchViewModel.update([currentGraphic], { tool: "transform" }); Full demo here.


Some of the issues are in your error. You're missing the requirejs configs for the @dojo and maquette modules. You can get an idea of what these might look like by looking at how we set up workers to load from the CDN in webpack builds like in this demo Here is what a requirejs config would look like. require.config({ paths: { 'esri': 'https://...

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