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For a project I managed to create something like you asked on ArcGIS Online a while ago. In order to display your desired pop-up, you should combine both url + link text information in one column as an html code. ArcGIS Online will display it automatically as link text + url. For example, the html code used to get the pop up on the image was like this: <a ...


I've had very little experience in embedding controls into pop ups nor am I a fully fledge web developer but I can tell by looking at your sample code that its incorrectly structured. First of all look at this blog there is a code snippet in it. You have your code structured as such: <audio controls=""> <source src="https://...


The key step is to either have a field with the filename, or create an attribute expression that has the file name (or full URL), but not the full HTML. If you have a field with contents that matches the file name, it's as easy as configure the pop-up, choose "A custom attribute display", and click the icon for "View HTML Source" and add: ...


In the built-in web maps / apps, there's not really a way to have popups show up or arcade expressions evaluate without an underlying layer to reference. What you're describing would be possible with a custom JS map/app, but I don't think you'll find anything that meets your needs in the standard tools.


It's hard to say without seeing the data, but I would guess that your "month" field is just a string, as opposed to an actual datetime. Unless your month field was a coded domain of integers, or there were a corresponding field like month_number in your layer, there's no way for a Category Selector to automatically sort them by date, since it doesn'...


Try to enable editing on the hosted feature layer. It's a checkbox on the feature layer's ArcGIS Online "settings" tab.

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