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Yes. Make use of the ArcGIS Python API. It works with both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Portal. It does not require ArcGIS Pro/ArcMap to be installed. Just Python 3.x See this example, Automate loading data into the ArcGIS Online cloud using ArcGIS API for Python, which seems to do exactly what you want.


Hello all who will be reading this at some point, we actually fixed this issue did last month! ESRI sent us a link where we could follow guidelines and our ArcGIS admin installed the patch (see the attached photo). ![patch] However, after installing the patch, it is important to do the following to enable attachments working with iPhone on Collector in ...


I got this working by basically putting all the code in the _getExpr: section of the Filter Widget. _getExpr: function(layerId,username) { //var portal = new esri.arcgis.Portal('') //var userName = esri.arcgis.PortalUser(this.username); this.portal = portalUtils.getPortal(this.appConfig....

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