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Create 3D Cylinder in ArcGIS Pro

I was able to achieve what you desired following this workflow: Create a PolylineZ feature and ensure z values were set Create a 3D buffer, in my example I had set diameter to 50m. Create another ...
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Create 3D Cylinder in ArcGIS Pro

The green check goes to @Hornbydd. It seems the tearing affect is avoided by extending the inner pipe out of the outer pipe before running the difference tool. Here is how I extended the inner, ...
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Location Allocation - ArcGIS Pro - The next best location

If you're in your location-allocation layer, at the top of your screen you should see a "Facilities" drop down with the value of "1". You just need to change this to 3 to get the ...
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Vary raster transparency based on cell values in ArcGIS Pro

In the original layer's Symbology choose a color ramp of your choice. For example, a black to white ramp called 'Continuous Color Scheme' is a good option. After selecting the color ramp click on the ...
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Keeping curves intact while modifying geometry in an UpdateCursor

Thanks to the various comments and links to similar questions (namely Determining if polyline has true curve using ArcPy with ArcMap), I was able to come up with an acceptable solution. Update Cursors ...
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How to Output Singlepart features When Clipping in ArcGIS Pro

To do this I would use the Intersect (Analysis) tool which: Computes a geometric intersection of the input features. Features or portions of features that overlap in all layers or feature classes ...
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Select points with maximum value in each polygon

Spatial Join the polygon ids, names, or whatever unique identifier you have to the points to get the unique polygon id as an attribute on all points. Sort the output points descending by polygon ...
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Change labeling font color for different unique values in the same label class using ArcGIS Pro

With the layer selected in the Drawing Order tab, select the Labeling menu. THere is a Class dropdown menu item called, "Create label classes from symbology..." A dialog box will pop up with ...
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Plot XY points along a curved line in ArcGIS Pro (for creating TIN)

Do not read further, if in 2D view your points and curve look different to picture below: Possible workflow: Draw long line AB Compute chainage ('D_ALONG') of original points along this line Place ...
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Check to make sure layers overlap before clipping - Python script

You can include a test for overlapping between the raster dataset (input_fc) extent and the clipping geometry (clip_geometry) before attempting to clip. Raster datasets are always rectangular so using ...
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Update aprx data sources using arcpy

As @jdavid05 said, the secondary loop within the file loop is causing the error. the root returned by a os.walk is a string: [ ('<root>', ['<dir>', ...], ['<file>', ...]), ... ] ...
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URI for adding GeoPackage to ArcGIS Pro

TLDR: LayerFactory.Instance.CreateLayer(new Uri(@"D:\MyGeoPackage.gpkg\main.MyLayerName", MapView.Active.Map); I deduced this by running an ArcPro GeoProcessing tool and then looking at the ...
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