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As per the following documentation, the search tolerance is only 10 meters You are attempting to pass a "distance" parameter with the request to increase this search tolerance, however, "distance" is not a ...


I believe you need to specify the path to proj.db in an PROJ_LIB environment variable. See proj documentation


The initial basemap is defined in the web map item, not the web app. Simply open the webmap in your Portal and change to the m1 basemap, then save.


Esri has a toolbar extension called Data Interoperability which when licensed can be used to convert varying formats of data. Unfortunately, the Data Interoperability does not support* MBTiles. Therefore you would have to utilize FME to read/write the MBTile data. The links below provide some further information into Data Interoperability and FME which you ...


Simply - No. You can "query", and by query, I mean do a Map Export on a mapservice to get an IMAGE of all the layers. Eg. But to do an attribute query you must do it on each layer individually. The RESTful contract when making a query needs to be pretty well ...


I wanted to share that the service runs successfully after performing a repair install of the ArcGIS Server. This fixed some ArcPy dependencies that were broken by running PIP to install a python package on the server. The ERROR 000816: The tool is not valid. message from ArcGIS Server really meant that the ESRI ArcPy environment was messed up.

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