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How can I Embed BaseTool to winform in ArcObjects?

I believe you need to specify the two optional parameters to the Find method: documentBars.Find(cmdID, false, false); From the Documentation: noRecurse Use False to search all menus and toolbars for ...
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VB.NET Executing Raster Calculator

One of the benefits that VB.Net has over C# is its ability to use GeoProcessing Tools as objects with properties, not needing a VarArray to set the parameters. This is how I used them in my projects, ...
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Downloading file asynchronously within ArcMap using C#

I ended up using WebClient. // http://csharpexamples.com/download-files-synchronous-asynchronous-url-c/ using (WebClient webClient = new WebClient()) { webClient.DownloadFile(remotePath, localPath)...
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