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R: 'area' function for las-file

@Spacedman anwser is correct but let me add some insight lidR::st_area() extends sf::st_area() and does not clash with sf library(lidR) library(sf) LASfile <- system.file("extdata", &...
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R: 'area' function for las-file

The terra package creates its own area function that is incompatible with working out areas of las objects. From a clean R session: > library(lidR) lidR 4.1.1 using 4 threads. Help on <gis....
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Creating a circle with radius in metres

Update in 2024: this can be achieved by using pyproj from pyproj import CRS, Transformer from shapely.geometry import Point from shapely.ops import transform def geodesic_point_buffer(lat, lon, km): ...
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