The process of joining data from csv to a shapefile is called Table Join. In order to join attributes from a csv file to a shapefile, both need to have fields (column which contain data) that they share together or common to both. (I will show an illustration using QGIS 2.18, process should be similar on any recent version) There are different ways or ...


I fixed it by getting a list of the files I want (there will be only one file). Then I concatenate the output filepath with the first item in that list (index position zero). That way like @Hornbydd says it's not a list it's an actual file for the in_file. arcpy.env.workspace = outputs arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True in_file = arcpy.ListFiles("*_Merged....


I have resolved my issue. I used a concat function in my CSV file and added an identical field to the shapefile attribute table. I then joined the two at that field.

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