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So, I've found the cause of the issue: [Project properties]_[Project Home] must be blank. Also: No need to set the 'Referencing Field' (aka foreign key, i.e. fkid in my example) to a Relation reference. I have Relation set to 'Association' strength - I have not tested 'Composition' strength. O


I think you mean that you want the mean attribute of the "joined" feature to be a property of the parent feature, right? var DatFlat ={ var joinedFeaturesList = ee.List(mainFeature.get('mean')) return mainFeature.set('mean', ee.Feature(joinedFeaturesList.get(0)).get('mean')); }); print('DatFlat', DatFlat)


I think the problem is your configuration of your referencing (child) layer "photo". your screenshot shows how you configured the uuid field of this layer, but that does not really matter. important is how you configure your "fkid". there you should set the widget type to "relation reference" , and set the display expression to ...


I've researched your trouble with the MMQGIS spatial join option. From what i've seen the problem is that the grid you've generated was a line layer. The MMQGIS does not support a spatial join operation between a point layer and a line layer. In the MMQGIS documentation says that: "Spatial Operation: Indicates the spatial relationship that should be ...


I would go the pure SQL way :) You can do an SQL left join using "Virtual Layers" and filter it instead of trying to use the "Joins" from the layer. Always with "Virtual Layers", you can also do a "normal" join and then use EXCEPT to get records not matching (see If you ...


Assuming you have one geoseries with Points (for example you want to compare Point 1 to Point 2, Point 1 to Point 3,... ): import geopandas as gpd from itertools import combinations from shapely.geometry import LineString df = gpd.read_file(r"C:\data\vk_riks_Sweref_99_TM_shape\vagk\riks\js_riks.shp") series = df.geometry max_distance = 15000 ...

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