You need to use QMS Search from the toolbar. Then search for Google, and you will find a satellite basemap as well as other basemaps:


Go to Layer > Add Layer > Add XYZ Layer.. Click New Name as Bing Maps(as you wish) URL as http://ecn.t3.tiles.virtualearth.net/tiles/a{q}.jpeg?g=1 click Ok Select XYZ Connections as Bing Maps(Which you created now) Click Add


You may run a python script in order to add a lot of available XYZ-tiles to your browser permanently, including Bing Virtual Earth. The following script was created by Klas Karlsson: """ This script should be run from the Python consol inside QGIS. It adds online sources to the QGIS Browser. Each source should contain a list with the folowing ...


OpenLayers Plugin is an experimental plugin. To be able to find it, you have to check Show also experimental plugins in the plugins settings.

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