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Try to tackle you task in a bit different way. This question was already explained here Postgis – Opposite of ST_Within. Let's assume there are two layers "schools" (orange) and "libraries" (purple), see image below. So, your query can look like SELECT s.* FROM schools AS s WHERE s."osm_id" NOT IN ( SELECT s."osm_id" FROM schools AS s, libraries ...


First you almost never need to write your own loop in lidR. Your plot extraction becomes. ctg <- catalog(folder = "D:/All LAS") shp.w <-shapefile("plot4w.shp") opt_output_files(ctg) <- "plot_{ID}" ctgw1 <- lasclip(ctg, shp.w, radius = 328) This is much more efficient because your 244 plots are never loaded in R. They are streamed from input to ...


You can fix the Map Units by right clicking on Layers in the table of contents. Here you go to general and you will see Units. You can change it there. This youtube video shows it too from second 35 onwards:

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