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Buffered polygon is not as expected QGIS

The source geometry is invalid. There is a self-intersection at the place that you pointed because of missing vertex. I had to correct the geometry manually because "make valid" filled the ...
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Clipping buffers to joined polygons in QGIS

You can follow these steps: Buffer tool (distance: 100 ft) Intersection tool (input layer: buffers, overlay layer: parcel) Select by Location tool (select from: intersection, predicate: contain, by ...
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Avoid losing overlapping areas when buffering line with Python

I am a bit rusty with GeoPandas but I believe this is the result you are looking for: import geopandas as gpd from shapely.geometry import LineString points = [[0, 0], [0, 2], [0.5, 2.5], [1, 3], [1....
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Creating a series of buffers along a stream polygon at set intervals in ArcGIS Pro

Forget about rectangles, they are only possible if river is straight line. Just split your lines at equal interval (Generate Points Along line and Split by points) and run Euclidean allocation: ...
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Buffering a Raster with GDAL and Numpy

You could use XArray + Dask to split the procedure into chunks: import numpy as np import xarray as xr # Create some dummy data. array = np.zeros((11,11)) array[5,5] = 1 array[0,2] = 1 array[0,3] = 1 ...
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