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There is now a VariableBuffer class in JTS here. It could serve as the basis for a PGPL/SQL implementation. And perhaps it will be ported to the PostGIS codebase (likely via GEOS).


The solution to my problem ended up being fairly simple, but took long enough to solve that I feel it's worth answering. Below is the amended, working code: var feats = vectorSource.getFeatures(); // Takes in multiple features and combines them into one var geom = joinGeoms(feats); geom.transform('EPSG:3857', 'EPSG:2883'); // Transform into CRS specific ...


It's now part of the buffer tool. You can now enter a buffer value in the distance text box or you could click on the button on the right of the distance text box to set a variable distance buffer( by selecting a numerical field or with an expression)

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