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Importing COLLADA Models into QGIS

I can give you only a hint concerning the offset of the blades because i faced the same problem. What I did was getting google Sketch up and downloaded a model from their warehouse. I then checked ...
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qgis2threejs 2d instead of 3d view

I found the solution myself: In this test project I have changed the value for "vertical exaggeration" for the scene settings of qgis2threejs. I have used a very small value (0.00000003) to display my ...
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Multi patch to Collada - 3D Buildings

The tool is working properly for me. You could try to use it within ModelBuilder or with ArcPy. Otherwise, you can still import the kml in Sketchup, apply the textures and export it to a kmz. I ...
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Open source solution to convert terrain data to collada?

You can examine the answers to the Bjørn Sandvik question to find the best open source tool to create a Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) from a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). 1) With SAGA GIS ...
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Creating vector datasets from 3D models

you can export an orthomosaic in the a set coordinate system with its prj file. Import this in Arcmap. You could then create an empty shape file and trace the rock art as a set of polygons with ...
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