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Select all the features you want to have a different color. Use the Field Calculator to add a new field. Check the box for "selected features only". Fill in a field name, and fill in a value in the expression area (in my example below, I called the field "category" and filled it with the value 1. Now the point layer has a new field called "category". The ...


I really like the color palettes that are perceptually uniform, and colorblind-friendly from cmocean and Scientific colour-maps: 1. Beautiful colormaps for oceanography: cmocean Paper: Thyng, K. M., Greene, C. A., Hetland, R. D., Zimmerle, H. M., & DiMarco, S. F. (2016). True colors of oceanography. Oceanography, 29(3), 10, http://dx.doi.org/10.5670/...

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