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Contour maps depict spatially-varying values, such as elevation, by means of curves of equal value.

A contour represents all points where the value of a function is a constant. Collections of contour lines, or contour maps, are often used to depict spatially-varying functions, typically elevation.

Questions tagged with "contour" typically pertain to the construction, interpretation, or processing of contour maps.

Synonyms include "contour line", "isoline," ["isarithm,"]( /wiki/Contour_line) "level set," "isocontour," and "implicit curve." In specific applications, where the function in question has a conventional meaning (such as pressure, temperature, etc.) contours are often called "iso-X" where "-X" is related to a Greek or Latin name for the same quantity; e.g., "isobar" ("equal pressure") and "isotherm" ("equal temperature").