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You are writing the result into shapefile but shapefile format has a maximum size of 4 GB (by the original specification by ESRI even lower, 2 GB). Write the result into another format, like GeoPackage, instead.


You are working with either 1- very detailed elevation model or 2- very large data or 3- combined. So either your RAM or HDD is creating a barrier. To fix it you should either 1- Command for a coarser contour, or 2- Resample the DEM to get a coarser DEM, or 3- Split up your project into smaller parts, or 4- something you see fit regarding this information. ...


I followed the idea from @user30184 and found how to convert line to polygon and it solved my problem. I only click in Vector > Geometry Tools > Lines to Polygons and selected the layer with contour.

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