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TypeError when converting shapefiles to KMLs using PyQGIS

According to the documentation the first argument should be a QgsVectorLayer, which is why you are getting the unexpected type error. You are also missing the QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem parameter. ...
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Converting Pandas column with featurecollection to GeoJSON

You can use the following code. Just specify json_string_column and output file path. import json import pandas as pd import geopandas as gpd # df = YOUR DATAFRAME json_string_column = "...
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What format is this geometry and how to convert it into a shapefile?

This is the format from Oracle Spatial SDO_Geometry the data is organized this way: {SDO_GTYPE, SDO_SRID,SDO_POINT,SDO_ELEM_INFO[],SDO_ORDINATES[]}
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Convert JSON data to geometry

This is a great opportunity to try out some python. This script will convert your json columns into 2 new columns - 1 for the centroid wkt (the lat/lng part of the json) and 1 column for the poly wkt....
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Calculate TMS tile coordinates (XYZ) for a given Lat/Lng pair in EPSG:27700 projection?

One possible way to get tile (x, y, z) coordinates for specific [lat, lng] coordinate and specific projection is to 'misuse' generic Leaflet L.TileLayer layer and 'tileload' layer event. Procedure ...
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Converting a raster file to a format supported by QField

See Documentation on supported data types and advice on raster formats here
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Convert datum of elevation data in PostGIS

You will need to inject PROJ_NETWORK set to ON into your PostgreSQL start-up environment. And your PostgreSQL user will need write access to its home directory probably too. See
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