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Each of you geometries is within a list, so you are effectively passing a list of lists as a geometry to GeoDataFrame. You have to pass a list-like of geometries, not lists. Using apply you can get the actual geometry out of the list. b = gpd.GeoDataFrame(a[['a', 'b']], geometry=a['c'].apply(lambda x: x[0])


Read the documentation of VRT and add color table. Step by step example: Create test image with gdal_create Utility is included in GDAL version 3.2 and higher. gdal_create -of GTiff -outsize 10 10 -bands 1 -burn 2 -ot Float32 float_gray.tif Create a VRT from ...


Easy Python solution for you. Only requires the installation of GeoPandas. Just substitute your filepaths and run this script. import geopandas inputFile = '/home/lpowalka/Documents/dane/prg/Województwa_pop.shp' outputFile = '/home/lpowalka/Documents/dane/prg/Województwa_pop_new.shp' df = geopandas.read_file(inputFile) zfactor = 0.3048 df.geometry = df....

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