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Is there a way, in QGIS, with an expression, to convert a color to hexadecimal value?

There is no direct function to convert from decimal to hex using QGIS expressions afaik. But using some math, you can create an expression that does the job. The following expression works for numbers ...
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Exporting GeoPDF to GeoTIFF alters resulting TIFF in Pro and GDAL

If you open the GeoPDF with some capable PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat Viewer you will see that it is not just a printed map but almost an application. There are lots of layers which can be turned on ...
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Image too large to export as table from GEE

The short answer: you shouldn't do this. You're much better off downloading a geotiff and converting it to CSV locally using, for instance, GDAL. The longer answer: The ecoregion in this code has 215 ...
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