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Converting geopackage to feature class (shapefile or geodatabase) using ArcGIS Pro

You can also use to Copy Features function. Just take the gpkg file as Input and save the output to a gdb.
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Negative Easting while converting long/lat to UTM zone

Yes! use the UTM Python Library. From the command line install utm pip install utm Then try something like: import utm utm.from_latlon(48, -122) (574595.1124862543, 5316784.0095401555, 10, 'U') utm....
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How can I convert data in the form of lat, lon, value into a raster file using R?

After reading the comments (not too old) under the great answer from Lucas, I thought it would be imperative to reply with an up-to-date solution even if the question is too old now. If your lat lon ...

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