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Wow this is very fun and... extremely hard for me. Assuming "arrival" as your Arrival time field: Hour........... lpad(to_string(floor("arrival")),2,0) Minutes...... lpad(to_string((floor("arrival"*60)%60)),2,0) Seconds..... lpad(to_string(round(("arrival"*3600)%60)),2,0) Wrapping the above into single expression, it ...


Use pyproj (version 2.2+): from pyproj import CRS # use PROJ string, assuming a default WGS84 crs = CRS.from_string('+proj=utm +zone=36 +south') # or dictionary crs = CRS.from_dict({'proj': 'utm', 'zone': 36, 'south': True}) print(crs.to_authority()) # ('EPSG', '32736')


I'm not sure what your problem is running Jose's code it: seems to work fine for me (except that I had to change ds.varaibles to simply ds when getting lat/lon/precip, but that may be because I'm using slightly different GPM files). I'm guessing something is wrong with the values you are passing for min_lon, max_lon etc ... but hard to say Here is something ...


Your question is quite convoluted and conflates two different problems. Let's see... You want to create a CSV file with lat, lon and precip_rate as columns from a bunch of files, and only covering a particular spatial region. Let's just do this for one of your files, then extend to all of them. From your question, you need the Latitude, Longitude and PRE (?) ...

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