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How to convert Distance, Azimuth, Dip to XYZ?

To convert spherical coordinates (Distance, Azimuth, Dip) to Cartesian coordinates (XYZ), you can use the sph2cart function in MATLAB. Here are the steps to do it: First, make sure you have the ...
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Convert "Parquet" file format to CSV and Polygon shapefile to open in ArcGIS Pro

Parquet is supported in ArcGIS Pro via the multifile feature connection (mfc).
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Converting string field into date field in QGIS

Workaround-----you are unable to edit this (your error message above) until you save into a GeoPackage, per Why can't I edit attribute table imported through 'text as layer'
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Find out date format in the list of house numbers

If you import from CSV, change data type from Date to Text(string) when importing CSV. Otherwise, add another field using the following expression in Field Calculator (set door number field before ...
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