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Running script converted from PyQtDesigner on PyQGIS

When using the Python console, it seems that the __name__ variable is set to "__console__", even if you execute a script. I guess you're just testing in the console, so you could just change ...
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Converting shapefiles into GeoJSON

There were no details provided regarding the number of shapefiles that have to be converted. However, there are several free approaches that I may suggest: software QGIS. The whole procedure is ...
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Converting SVG files to GeoJSON

I found the solution in my case. I have a map in SVG with paths and poligons. Like in the example below I found a tag to embed: <MetaInfo xmlns=""> <...
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Convert from img to geotiff

For Planetary Data System img files put the img file, lbl file and xml file in the same directory, then convert the xml file. gdal_translate -of GTiff /Users/temp/ldem_75s_30m.xml /Users/temp/...
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Working with COG in GDAL

These training videos might be useful to you. You can download 1 meter data from the USGS National Map. Select the polygon option, draw a polygon around your area of interest, select the 1 meter ...
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