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Importing layer data to QGIS from UMAP and converting it into correct Coordinate Reference System

The longitude values are in a -360 to 0 range, rather than the usual -180 to +180 range. Add 360 to each longitude value and that should line up the data properly.
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Finding the right Projection/CRS for a 2000's era shapefile of Bosnia Herzegovina

Best I found is modified EPSG:8678 MGI 1901 / Balkans zone 6 with different origin and added datum. It seems to work. Checked in QGIS as Custom CRS using Proj.4 notation: +proj=tmerc +lat_0=0 +lon_0=...
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Can GeoTools parse GML CRS definitions?

Apache Spatial Information System (SIS) can read GML definitions of CRS, for example using CRS.fromXMl(String). There is also other methods working with input streams or XML sources. The parsed CRS ...
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