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Converting giant JavaScript feature collection of coordinates to GEE feature collection

You simply do: var fc = ee.FeatureCollection(lots)
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Trying to determine which CRS this GML uses

Use Stick your coordinates in the box, zoom the map to where you think the point should roughly be, click "Find My Projection" and it scans thousands of projections and sees ...
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Coordinate Capture plugin missing

From QGIS 3.16 and on, it's possible to copy coordinates directly from maps. According to SrNetoChan on the issue 5797 The Coordinates capture plugin / panel as been removed in QGIS 3.14. The reason ...
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Grids displaying relative instead of global coordinates in QGIS

Click "Modify Grid" button under "Map Item Properties > Grids" and change "Appearance > Interval" value to "Map Units" instead of "Milimeter" or ...
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