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Attributes comparison in QGIS

If you want to compare based on the attribute values only, I made this script for the plugin toolbox. It selects your option of features that are in one or both layers, and takes user input for the ...
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Layers corrupted after saving, closing and opening of QGIS project with PyQGIS

I had missed adding the layer to the project, so it wasn't truly part of the project, it just appeared to be. The answer was to add the layer to the project without rendering it, and then add the ...
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Missing points datasets global monitor energy

It is working when I try it. You have selected "Custom delimiter" in the File Format section when you should select "CSV (comma separated values)". And your encoding is incorrect, ...
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Aligning separate datasets with different CRS in QGIS for the purposes of terrain modelling

You are going to need to confirm the vertical datum of LiDAR data which will be spelled out in the LiDAR report (most likely NAVD88). You are going to need to confirm the vertical datums of both the ...
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