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Data use and ownership depend on the publishing agency, the data, and the license level of those data. You can read about the specifics of OpenStreetMap data here, and JOSM data here. For USA data available from the National Map there are no restrictions. You will have to investigate deeper for other data.


Here is how I made the file for you: Got tabular data with country names, currency, and currency code from github here: Downloaded country layer from ESRI here: Change ESRI .dbf table to .csv table, ...


First of all, the XYZ-Layer you are showing is a raster tile. You can not modify it or get any informations from it. What you need is vector data. You can get all data you need for your project from OSM for free (but dont forget to give credentials to osm contributors ;)). You can either use overpass-turbo api for example from this website: https://overpass-...


That would be the "bronhouderscode", a list of which can be found here:


You have this project that uses OpenStreetMap - With overpass api you can extract that info

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