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A search for "postcode district population" leads me to an FOI request which points me to table KS101EW in the Nomis census data. I'm then about four clicks from this spreadsheet: with 2011 census population. You didn't specify a population time point. This time next year you might get 2021 census population. This is England and Wales only, so you'...


I will post and expand upon the answer provided by JonasV in his comment to the original post. If JonasV wants to post an answer, I would be happy to mark that as the answer. Based on his answer, here are two web sites with the data I was looking for: TONY - - has 56 states and territories – ...


If you're looking for data, please try Two expressions in QGIS will give you exactly what you want: ( y_min( $geometry ) + y_max( $geometry ) ) / 2 ( x_max( $geometry ) + x_min( $geometry ) ) / 2


If you're just looking for extreme values of x/y coordinates, you could use QGIS with this expression (e.g. in the field calculator): x_max( $geometry) - replace x with y and max with min for the according values. Download a vector file for US states, e.g. from OpenStreetMap. There are different ways to do than, one is using Overpass Turbo. Create a ...

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