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Identifying and replacing specific pixel in DEM using ArcGIS Pro

You can use several ways to locate the offending pixels. If the raster is small enough simply turn it into a point dataset, you can then select the pixels of interest, now represented as a point, by ...
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Elevation data from WMS or WMTS?

If your only goal is to create a terrain profile, maybe the geoservices REST service could be helpful here:
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Float32 to UInt16 terracing problem

Apologies, this is solved. Providing the scale parameters as in my third code example works. I was expecting the gdal_translate to preserve units, but change potential precision. It doesn't. The scale ...
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Getting high resolution DEM for a location

Use The darker the green the higher the accuracy DEM is available by using the tools (ctrl create window) 1m DEM or 10m is available depending on your ...
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